Care About Childcare @ Five County prepares a data report showing what is currently being charged for full time child care in ten Central & Southern Utah counties. View the average cost of child care in these areas: Family Child Care or Child Care Centers (get Adobe Acrobat Reader).

snapshot View the Utah Office of Child Care child care Annual Report.
View the Utah Office of Child Care 2016-2018 Child Care State Plan.
View the Utah Office of Child Care Legislative Overview.


The National Child Care Information Center is a national early care and education resource for parents, providers and the public.

We can help you with your research!  Do you need to know how many licensed providers there are in a certain area?  How many infant openings there are?  What slots are available for an age group? 
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CAC@Five County is an agency of Five County Association of Governments. Funding comes from DWS, Office of Work & Family Life.