The Balancing Act
Balancing work and family can be a juggling act that often increases the employee's stress and feelings of frustration.  Child Care Resource & Referral, Western Region, offers workshops to help the working parent learn skills and practical solutions that can make it easier to effectively combine both of these roles.  This can translate to increased productivity on the job.

Both the popular press & work and family researchers have made it clear that finding,
paying for, & keeping high quality child care has become a major source of
stress & of impaired productivity on the job for employed parents in this country.

The Workshops
Care About Childcare @ Five County will provide Brown Bag Lunch Seminars that you can offer to your employees.  Each workshop is designed for a lunchtime presentation lasting approximately 60 minutes, which allows time for questions.  Handouts are given to implement the topic and highlight specific points.

Employees can bring their lunches and listen to the workshop presentation while they eat.  It is also possible to schedule other times.

These workshops focus on issues important to working families and present practical suggestions and strategies.  They also give parents the opportunity to meet other employees who share similar circumstances.

Parents who are worried about their children or family situations are not as productive on the job site.  These workshops are designed to give parents information to make the difficult job of balancing work and family life easier.

Choosing Quality Child Care
How do I find the right child care match for my child & myself?  How can I foster positive parent/provider relationships?  Dealing with guilt.

Balancing Work & Family
Deals with value clarification, time management, planning hints, stress reducers and suggestions for family team building.

Home Alone & Safe?
How old should a child be to stay home alone?  How can you help your child to be safe?  What other options in care are available?

Family Fun
Making the most of the time your family is together.  Ideas to find and enhance time.


Infant/Toddler Development
Making the transition from home to child care easier on you and your infant.  Exploring infant/toddler needs and development.

Preschool Years
These early years are learning years.  Tips to enhancing this special stage.

Positive discipline techniques.  Instilling cooperation.  Exploring options for after-school care.

Is this teenager really my child?  Guides to surviving your child's search for independence.

Contact Us
Request more information or schedule a topic & time by contacting Care About Childcare @ Five County. 


CAC@Five County is an agency of Five County Association of Governments. Funding comes from DWS, Office of Work & Family Life.