Take a look at the following pages for information on children's growth & development.  You will get ideas for activities you can do with the children in your care at various ages and stages. Sources: Iowa State University Extension and Texas Child Care.   (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


Ages & Stages:

1 to 12 months
12 to 18 months
18 to 24 months
2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
5 years old
6 to 8 years old

Better Kid Care Tips:
Outdoor Spaces

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How it feels to be a Baby
How it feels to be a Toddler
How it feels to be a Preschooler
How it feels to be a School-age child
Physical Development
Social Development
Cognitive Development
Emotional Development
Language Development
Child Guidance: Infants
Child Guidance: Toddlers
Child Guidance: Preschoolers
Child Guidance: School Age
Science & Discovery
Music & Creative Movement
Physical Impairment
Hearing Loss
Language Delays & Impairments
What it's like to be a baby

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Summer Activity Guides

When summer arrives, many parents begin looking for child care. We are a state-funded agency that is available to help you find child care in your community.  We have good documentation on the dangers to children and the cost to communities when children are left home alone. We have also compiled information of summer activities for children, for eleven Southern Utah counties.  (We can not guarantee quality or recommend programs.  This is merely a list of available programs.  We would encourage parents to carefully check out any program before enrolling their child.)


Washington County
Wayne County
Services for other Utah counties


Also view: 100 Things to Do in the Summertime and: Summer Safety Tips

Activities for Children2-1-1 (on-line)
2-1-1 is a telephone number that connects people with important community services.

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
CHIP is a state health insurance plan for children. Many working Utah families who don’t have other health insurance qualify for CHIP. Children qualify for CHIP based on income and family size.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Care 
This reference website is for parents of children who attend child care programs. There are over 30 topics to help you find answers to your health and safety questions.

Helping Children Cope with Natural Disasters 
This website contains resources for parents, caregivers and teachers to help children make sense of what is happening during a crisis situation. It also provides information on how to help children following the disaster.

Utah Cares
Utah Cares is a free, confidential tool that helps people find state and community services. It can connect you with providers who offer basic services, such as housing, food, financial assistance, etc.


Parent Child Care Information
This offers the latest information on child development issues, tips for finding quality child care, and numerous resources for busy parents and child care professionals.

NACCRRA Parent Central
Get information and e-mails to learn about your child’s development, discover additional opportunities to get involved in your community, and find activities you can do together that promote learning and bonding.

The National Child Care Information Center is a national early care and education resource for parents, providers and the public.

Parenting Tips
Articles for caregivers to learn how to help children overcome aggressive behavior, resolve conflicts, prepare for school, communicate, etc.


CAC @ Five County- Lending Library
Our library contains bags packed with children's books. Check out a book bag from one of our offices or at the next training class.

KBYU - Ready to Learn
Caregivers can find out how to extend a child's learning and how television can lead to good books.

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Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines   (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
These guidelines have been written for the purpose of assuring that children enrolled in preschool and child care programs throughout the state unite their efforts in achieving common objectives.

Ready! Set! School!
This website is a tool for parents to help their children develop skills and get ready for Kindergarten.

Redleaf Press
Redleaf Press contains several resources for early childhood professionals and children.

This website includes games for children, advice for parents, tools for teachers, and many other things.

Children's Defense Fund Action Council
The council's mission is to Leave No Child Behind and to ensure every child a successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

Utah Children
Utah Children focuses on bringing the power of the community together to identify and resolve the tough problems facing children and families. Find out how you can help.


CAC@Five County is an agency of Five County Association of Governments. Funding comes from DWS, Office of Work & Family Life.